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Ponies For Sale!
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A Community For My Little Pony Merchandise.

* This is a place to show off things you're trying to sell, not something special you made for yourself. Posts with projects not for sale will be deleted.

* Make sure you provide links to your listing (be it eBay, dA, or elsewhere) and pictures. With that in mind, please keep pics to a maximum of 455 so they're not huge and annoying. Also, put them behind a cut.

* This is not a place to post asking for someone to do a custom for you. If you like the work of someone who has posted, leave a comment to one of their entries or send them a message and see if they would be willing to do one for you.

* Don't be a jerk. No, seriously. Don't post fifty million times a day so that the community is full of nothing but your work. There are a lot of crafters out there that you need to share the spotlight with. Three entries per person per day is quite enough, thank you.

* TAG YOUR ENTRIES! I cannot tell you how magical and wonderful tags can be. They help keep things organized and make searching for things that much easier.

* Keep an eye on these rules. They are subject to change as this community grows and faces issues. Because issues are inevitable and growth will come from it.

Send me an email! phasingirl(at)gmaildotcom

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